The Farm

The agricultural business Venturelli was born in the 50’s, after having acquired the homestead of a noble family located on the hills between Castelvetro and Spilamberto on the road that leads to Vignola.

Nowadays the company is a family-run business unlike many other agricultural companies in the Modena territory. Currently the farmland consists of 10 hectares and it offers a high quality range of fruit and vegetables (the products are treated with an integrated pest control) like cherries, bigarreau cherries, plums, pears, apricots, peaches, grapes, watermelons, melons, courgettes, carrots, eggplants, peppers, pumpkins, tomatoes and so on and so forth. We have been part of the project “Campagna Amica” for eight years. With “Campagna Amica” you have the chance to buy the products directly from the farmers thanks to open-air markets. It is certified that the products are grown in the land of the farmer from which you are buying from. (Campagna Amica).

For Venturelli family working in the fields has always been a great passion, and above all, a tradition that has to be handed down from to one generation to another. We are totally convinced that promoting and giving value to these ancient professions and crafts is the only way to help Italy to overcome the current crisis.